02/10 – Padley Gorge Tor Tour

For our next walk we’ll be visiting a place suggested by Lydia, Padley Gorge. Although it’s not the highest place in the Peak District it has spectacular scenery. We’ll park in Upper Padely on the road leading down to Gindleford Station and a small cafe. The walk will start in the wood of Padley Gorge, heading up the valley following the stream. We’ll then emerge out of the wood and continue up the stream until we’re on Burbage Rocks, looking over the Tor’s. At this point we’ll begin a tour of the key landmarks in the area, Higger Tor, Carl Mark, Mother Cap before returning back through the wood and back to the station.

On this walk we’ll be running a photography competition. Everyone on the walk can submit one photo from the day and we’ll get everyone to vote for their favourite.

Walk Date
2 Oct 2016
Calendar File
7.5 miles
479 metres
OS Maps

The Plan

- 10:30 : Meet outside the cafe, parking is on the road leading down to it - https://goo.gl/maps/A7WJmdRz6Mw
- 10:45 : Start Walk
- 12:30 - 12:45 : Lunch on a Tor / or edge, depending on progress
- 15:30 : Finish Walk
- 15:45 : Cafe or pub for a debrief

* All times a rough guestimates apart from the initial arrival at the car park

The Kit

- Clothes suitable for the conditions
- Waterproof coat
- Suncream
- Walking boots
- Rucksack (to carry stuff)
- Lunch
- Water (at least 1L each)

- A good attitude