24/02 – Bickerton and Raw Head

For this walk we’ll be heading to the Cheshire plains, an area the young Mr Statham grew up. In the flat lands of west Cheshire, those seeking a walk with views head north to Frodsham, west to Wales or south to Bickerton and the Sandstone Trail. Bickerton is an area known for the castles of Peckforton and Beeston, which stand out like beacons across the plains. It’s also home to popular tourist attractions such as the Crocky Trail, Cheshire Ice Cream Farm and the Cheshire Workshops.

We’ll be parking at the back of the Cheshire Workshops in a public car park, if people want to visit the workshops I’m sure there will be an opportunity. This is a walk of two halves, the first part will be the transition across to Bickerton Hill via the roads and fields (expect some mud). Having gone, right, right, right, right, left, right, left, we’ll finally ascend Bickerton Hill, when we reach the top it will be time for lunch.

Post quinoa (kwin-oa) lunch we’ll start making our way back along the top of Bickerton Hill, passing just above Mad Allen’s Hole (a wealthy local bloke who lived in a cave 200 years ago). The path will descend Bickerton and join a road where we can pretend to be cars or other motor vehicles. This short stretch links us up with the path to Raw Head, the highest point on the Sandstone Trail (a 34 mile long distance path). We follow the edge of the hill around the farmers fields, with views out over the Cheshire plains. This links us up with Bulkeley Hill, a popular dog walking spot… used by dog walkers. After descending Bulkeley we’ll make our way back to the Cheshire Workshops and the safety of the cars.

Walk Date
24 Feb 2019
Calendar File
9 miles
451 metres
OS Maps

The Plan

- 10:30 : Meet
- 10:45 : Start Walk
- 11:30 : Traverse the fields and roads to Bickerton
- 12:45 : Lunch on Bickerton Hill
- 13:15 : Finish Lunch
- 14:30 : Raw Head
- 15:00 : Bulkeley Hill
- 15:30 : Finish Walk

The Kit

- Clothes suitable for the conditions
- Walking boots
- Rucksack (to carry stuff)
- Lunch/Snack

- A good attitude