30/07 – The Roaches from Gradbach

During a winter trip to a cottage in Gradbach I noticed that the book shelf was full of books about The Roaches. Always intrigued, I noted it down with a plan to return to the rocky ridge at a later date. We’ll start the walk from Gradbach car park, walking through a local farm and turning off piste onto Gradbach Hill. We’ll head down the valley, weaving our way through the farmers fields, heading to the south end of the ridge for lunch. After lunch we’ll begin the ridge, taking the middle path which passes the rock climbing routes before turning right onto the ridge. The ridge has more stunning views and will lead us to the summit of The Roaches and beyond. We’ll descend from the ridge into the forest arriving at Lud’s Church, a huge chasm in the rock rumoured to be the hiding place for Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Bonny Prince Charlie and Wyclef Jean. The walk will finish by returning into Gradbach and stopping at the Gradbach Mill Cafe.


Walk Date
30 Jul 2017
Calendar File
8 miles
440 metres
OS Maps

The Plan

- 10:00 : Meet in the Gradbach car park
- 10:15 : Start Walk
- 10:45 : Gradbach Hill
- 12:30 - 13:00 : Lunch
- 13:30 : Climb The Roaches
- 14:15 : The Roaches summit
- 15:00 : Lud’s Church
- 15:30 : Finish Walk, stop at Gradbach Mill Cafe

* All times a rough guestimates apart from the initial arrival at the car park

The Kit

- Clothes suitable for the conditions
- Waterproof coat
- Sun cream
- Walking boots
- Rucksack (to carry stuff)
- Lunch

- A good attitude