21/08 – Formby Nature Walk

First we’ll be taking in some dune heath land, according to one online source “The single largest lowland heath site in Lancashire”. Here we’ll find butterflies, moths, spiders, caterpillars and probably cows, or sheep + sand.

Next we’ll have to make it over a train track, assuming we all make it… we’ll have to dodge the golf balls as we make our way over Formby golf club.

The first squirrel spotting opportunities come up next, but to be honest, they’re sneaky buggers and we’ll be lucky to see one, but we may see a lizard and other dune welling critters, such as millipedes and beetles.

Next… to the beach! The only thing I can guarantee is sand, depending on the day there could be 1000s of birds, 1000s of scallies, or nothing and everything in-between so keep your fingers crossed. There maybe sea, there may not, those who have been to Formby before know what I mean, we may be adding a few miles onto the walk to guarantee salty water!

After a wonderful sunny stroll down the beach, after spotting seals (once in 33 years so far so might happen) and collecting/spotting what ever the sea lord (currently Sir Philip Jones) decides to offer up, we head back inland for another section of woodlands to hunt squirrels.

Once the disappointment of not finding squirrels settles in we’ll make our way back to the cars via Victoria road and we can marvel at Alan Shearer’s ex-balls and play spot the Liverpool player’s house / WAG.Finish with a drink in the Freshfield pub.

Walk Date
21 Aug 2016
Calendar File
7 miles
50 metres
OS Maps

The Plan

- 11:00 - Meet at the Freshfield Hotel, Formby. L37 7BD.
- 11:15 - Start walk
- 13:00 - Lunch
- 16:00 - Finish walk

The Kit

- Food and drink
- Walking boots/trains advised but anything but sandals will probably be ok.
- If sunny, we'll be quite exposed to sun cream is a must, especially with the sea breeze you just don't feel the heat.
- Plastic bag to collect cool things from the beach and woods (e.g. squirrels, badgers etc.)
- Bins, a.k.a binoculars
- Magnifying glass? Just an idea, and not for setting fire to things!
- It might rain, but we’ve been informed by Mr M.Fish that Formby has a micro climate so tends to avoid the horrid northern weather - but in any case, we will be exposed at times so a waterproof and a jumper may come in handy.