10/12 – Lymm Dickensian

We were trying to think of something christmassy to do around Christmas and then we remembered the Lymm Dickensian festival. This is a short walk but this will hopefully allow time for children and adults to enjoy Spud Wood, Lymm Dam and the festival itself. At the moment the provisional plans are as follows but we’re waiting for conformation of transport options closer to the time.

We’ll be using the park and ride from the school, this is because parking can be extremely limited on David Dickinson day. We’ll park, walk then ride back at the end for a cost of £2 each. The first part of the walk we’ll head away from Lymm to Spud Wood, a former potato field now managed by local residents. We’ll then head near the canal back towards Lymm and through the playing fields next to Lymm Hall. This will bring us out near Lymm Dam, where we’ll stop for lunch. After lunch we’ll continue around Lymm Dam and arrive into Lymm Centre where the festival is taking place. This will be in time to see the Santa Run come through the town, followed by the parade. To return to the cars we’ll jump on the vintage bus back to the school.


Walk Date
10 Dec 2016
Calendar File
3 miles
74 metres
OS Maps

The Plan

- 10:00 : Meet
- 10:30 : Start Walk
- 12:00 - 12:30 : Lymm Dam
- 13:30 : Finish Walk Lymm Dickensian parade

The Kit

- Clothes suitable for the conditions
- Waterproof coat
- Walking boots
- Rucksack (to carry stuff)
- Lunch
- Money (for Park and Ride)
- Water

- A good attitude