13/05 – Philips Park, Clifton Country Park and Ringley Wood

It’s a repeat of a walk we did last year with a couple of extra twists. The plan is to get out and about early so everyone can be back for the final games of the Premier League season. Once again we’ll start in Philips Park, heading east through Mid Wood but then reversing the previous route and and remaining within the park grounds. We’ll rejoin the previous route in reverse, heading across the River Irwell into Clifton Country Park. It’s the perfect time of year to visit this area because the bluebells are out and it’s bluebell hunting season. Having followed the river to the power station we transition into the perfect bluebell hunting spot, Ringley Wood. We’ll keep off the old railway line to do some off-piste walking through the forest. Finally we return to the railway and back into Philips Park before trying to navigate our way back to the car park.

Walk Date
13 May 2018
Calendar File
7 miles
233 metres
OS Maps

The Plan

- 9:30 : Meet in the Philips Park car park (free parking)
- 9:45 : Start Walk through the park
- 10:45 : Clifton Country Park
- 11:30 : Ringley Wood
- 12:00 : Lunch
- 13:00 : The Old Railway line
- 14:00 : Finish Walk

The Kit

- Clothes suitable for the conditions
- Waterproof coat
- Walking boots
- Rucksack (to carry stuff)
- Lunch

- A good attitude